European Day of Wine Tourism

The aim of this day is to make known awareness of the culture, heritage and traditions of wine-producing cities and regions, as well as the quality of their wines and their wine tourism offer. It aims to disseminate the work carried out by public and private initiatives in favour of wine tourism. It is an opportunity to network with all the European cities characterised by their oenological activity.

During the weekend, several wineries will organise free visits to their establishments and carry out activities related to wine and vineyards. Aranda Town Council, in collaboration with the Association of Winemakers of Aranda and La Ribera (ASEBOR) and the Ribera del Duero Wine Route Consortium, publicises and promotes the events organised by the local wineries.

Aranda City Council organises various guided tours to get to know the heritage in a more intimate way and which also end with tastings and other activities.

This day is important for the dissemination of wines, heritage and our traditional products, which is a clear dynamisation to the local economy, always bearing in mind the quality of the raw material.

The positioning of Ribera del Duero wines has allowed the Ribera del Duero region to occupy one of the top positions in the national ranking of wine routes in Spain.

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