Young Winegrowers Course

The main theme of the course for young winegrowers will be “Organic vine cultivation” and it will be held in Aranda de Duero during the month of July 2022. It will have both modalities: onsite and online.

Environmentally friendly practices have gained popularity in recent years, so the course will cover the following topics:

    1. – Good practices in organic production.
    2. – The organic vineyard surface
    3. – Bases of organic production
    4. – Biological diversity
    5. – Fertilisation
    6. – Weed, pest and disease control
    7. – Organic wine, strategies and economic results.

This activity will serve to disseminate our oenological heritage, our wines, our business and wine tourism activity through theoretical and practical training, experiences and transmission of knowledge of young winegrowers from different countries.