Wine Cellar Clubs Festivity

This is a festive activity that brings together the eight recreational wine cellar clubs of Aranda de Duero in a day of fraternisation in which different activities are organised such as parades of the “charangas bands” belonging to each wine cellar club through the old quarter of the town, traditional games, installation of a children’s playground in the Main square, concentration of members of the clubs in the Trigo square, lunch and boat competition in the Barriles pier, stalls in the Main square with drinks, sandwiches, snacks and portions,  and a mobile disco or open air dance to liven up the night for all visitors who want to have a good time.

In Aranda there are eight official wine cellar clubs, with their headquarters in different traditional underground cellars. Each of the wine cellar clubs has around 1,400 members, plus family members, friends and visitors. This is a sufficiently large number to make the day an attraction.

A day of celebration and unity around the framework of our wine cellar clubs.