Tapas Contest

The Tapas Contest is one of the longest running competitions in our region.

With its nineteenth edition, Aranda de Duero aims to become a gastronomic reference in the area, and to be an attraction both for the locals and for any visitor who comes to the city.

More than 40 establishments will offer their most innovative creations during the week of the competition, and the people of Aranda and any tourist will be able to see first-hand how restaurants are increasingly committed to quality and excellence. The date has yet to be confirmed by the event organizers.

This is a competition in which establishments from Aranda and the surrounding area take part and in which a professional jury and the participating public select the best creations in different specialities.

The event is another attraction offered to visitors who come to Aranda during these days.

In addition, in this edition the prizes are simplified, offering a BIG GOLD, GOLD and SILVER along with three special categories based on a new qualification sheet where aspects such as presentation, complexity, originality and size/price ratio of the tapas will be prioritized.

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Concurso de Tapas, Pinchos y Banderillas Aranda de Duero