Local Festivities of Aranda de Duero

The local festivities are the maximum exponent of joy for the people of Aranda, who look forward to the arrival of the second weekend in September, when they begin; they are scheduled to be held from 9th to 18th September in 2022.

They are dedicated to their patron saint, the “Virgen de las Viñas”, whose image is kept in the hermitage that bears her name, located to the north of the town. The festivities begin with the traditional “cañonazo”, the starting signal for nine days full of events and leisure activities for all audiences such as: concerts with groups of great national and international relevance, bullfighting shows, sports competitions, cultural performances, parades, magic shows included as a novelty in 2021 or the famous “gigantes y cabezudos” which are another of the attractions of the festivities of Aranda that make the younger ones have a good time.

Another of the most consolidated events is the “bajada de los toros” where people walk through the streets accompanied by the music of the “charanga bands” of the “peñas” until they reach their respective underground cellars; this is another great opportunity for the visitor to access and contemplate the 7 kilometres of cellars excavated in the subsoil of the city centre as they are normally open on these days.

In short, the patron saint fiestas in honour of the “Virgen de las Viñas” are a unique time of the year for families, friends and visitors to get together for picnics and other types of celebrations, as well as enjoying the wide range of cultural and leisure activities on offer during these days.