Envero Awards

The XXIII Envero Awards will be held next 18th of June at the fairgrounds in Aranda de Duero.

The Envero Awards competition of wines from Ribera del Duero began in 1997 with the intention of promoting and giving visibility to the quality wines of the Ribera del Duero certificate of origin, but also to promote the tourist, gastronomic and oenological resources of Aranda and its region.

The most interesting and attractive aspect of this event is its participatory nature, as since 2014 it has opted for the organisation of a mass tasting, which offers the end consumer the opportunity to be part of the jury and evaluate the wines submitted to the competition, under the slogan: “1,000 are always right”. In other words, anyone interested can register and spend a great day as a “wine taster”, not only enjoying the wines but also contributing their own assessment and opinion.

The evaluation of the wines is carried out by 25 tasting panels made up of 40 tasters each. Once the wines have been counted, the awards are presented days later at a Gala in which an Envero Prize of Honour is also awarded.

This activity promotes the quality of the Ribera del Duero wines, but it also serves as a tourist attraction, since a significant number of the thousand tasters who, with their families and friends, attend the tastings, stay overnight in the town to enjoy the wine tourism event.

More information:  http://premiosenvero.arandadeduero.es/